It is a massive undertaking to schedule, promote, arrange, and execute an event like this and have it be an amazing success. It is obvious that we could not have done it without a lot of help and support!

The first thanks goes out to everyone that attended the event and supported DMZ Fab & Race Prep, Dona Luisa’s Restaurant, CORVA, and all of the vendors who participated!

A big thanks also goes out to Dona Luisa’s and NF Brands for allowing us to take over their parking lot for the day and Dona Luisa’s for making great food all day!

The turnout for the display vehicles was better than we had imagined, thank you guys and girls for shining up your trucks and lining them up for all to admire! You Rock!

The CORVA charity raffle was also a huge success, thank you to all that purchased raffle tickets and memberships, thank you CORVA for being there and for what you stand for, and most importantly thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the vendors that donated prizes to our cause and helped make our event worthwhile! Thanks in no particular order go to: Kartek Offroad, Total Chaos Fabrication, NF Brands, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Nighsco Supply, Pro Armor, Lucas Oil, Deaver Suspension, BCD Performance, Glassworks Unlimited, SCS Wheels, and Pelfreybilt!

Last, but certainly not least we have to give props to the volunteers that either helped with the planning and details or gave up their Saturday just to help out and support us and this event. Thank you Julie Duncan (Mrs DMZ), Kelly Orsbun (My right hand), Allison Gendreau (Kelly’s left hand), Megan Chaney (Patiently waiting), Tiffa Heider, AJ & Kristina Steeber, David Brumbley, John Manio, Bradley Lindseth, DJ Jeff Banks, and Lalo Oc!

Please forgive me if I forgot anyone, there were so many people that helped out in some way or another, you know who you are, Thank You!

TacoFest 2013 Pics

Tacofest Blog pic